Cooltech Fat Freezing Technology

Dr Lalloo Blog February 2020

CoolTech is the latest most advanced fat freezing technology on the market, improving on older systems like CoolSculpt which has been around for over ten years.  CoolTech treats larger areas more effectively, removing up to 50% more fat than older technologies in one treatment.  A 30% reduction in the area treated is not uncommon.

CoolTech works by rapidly and painlessly cooling body fat causing the fat cells to die.

Treatment times are reduced and patient comfort is increased, compared to older technologies.

Fat treated is permanently removed over a six-week period after treatment.  Unlike older systems there is little bruising or swelling and no pain.

The key to success is the cooling technology which allows for larger areas to be treated using a single or double handpiece per side.

Treating large areas at one time with one handpiece is part of the reason it is so successful.  Many combinations are possible, two areas per session are possible, using either a double handpiece or two handpieces, for example the entire lower abdomen ‘Mum Tum’ can be treated using the double handpiece, as can the upper tummy. It is possible to have the upper or lower tummy treated individually, or both sides at one time but not all together.

CoolTech has both straight and curved handpieces which makes it very versatile for a variety of areas, such as: –

 ‘Muffin Top’ both sides (fat close to the belt line, both hips), thighs inner and outer, saddle bags, (inner and outer), ‘Bra Strap’ fat areas around the bra strap area, flabby knees and bingo wings. Two handpieces are used for all treatments.

Chin Fat: There is a separate small hand piece which treats the area under the chin.

Treatments last approximately 70 minutes. During the treatment patients are lying down, able to read a book or use a phone. 

Subject to maintaining a sensible diet and lifestyle the results should be permanent.  Weight gain or hormonal changes may affect the results long term. Suitable for both women and men.

Prices from €450 per treatment