Dr Lalloo Blog February 2020 CoolTech is the latest most advanced fat freezing technology on the market, improving on older systems like CoolSculpt which has been around for over ten years.  CoolTech treats larger areas more effectively, removing up to 50% more fat than older technologies in one treatment.  A 30% reduction in the area […]

Cellulite is a chronic degenerative process in the superficial subcutaneous adipose tissue and it alters the texture of the skin. It affects almost 90 percent of women and it is mostly visible on their thighs and buttocks, stomachs and arms. Cellulite is often genetic and starts in adolescence and becomes worse with age. Women have […]

Reader: Hi Doctor Lalloo. I was wondering if you could tell me Botox. Is it safe and when would be the ideal time to start having the procedure? I don’t want that ‘frozen face’ look! Dr Lalloo:  Here’s how to do it right at 20, 30, and 40. Firstly there are different rules for different decades. […]