ASK THE DOCTOR – I have suffered with boils on my inner legs and under my armpit……

Question: I’m nearly 24 and since about the age of 12, I have suffered with boils on my inner legs and under my armpit, sometimes even on my bikini line. I have gone to my doctor and they have given me antibiotics and creams but nothing seems to help. They leave purple scars too. Is there anything […]

ASK THE DOCTOR – Acne is a scourge for many… my latest post.

Question: “For as long as I can remember, I have suffered with such bad skin. Lots of girls my age (29) complain about spots or blemishes which annoys me as I suffer with near enough boils on my face. They come up like lumps, feel like bruises and nothing I do gets rid of them. I […]

Did you get your hair done ?

Sitting having coffee with some of the girls after our usual friday morning music class with our kids I announced I had to leave early. “Ooh, doing anything nice?”, they asked. “Nice?..Well if you think getting a load of needles inserted into your face to freeze it nice then yes, I’m doing something nice. Queue […]