Cysts, Lesions, Lipomas, Skin Tags


Sebaceous Cysts:
This is a swelling that appears under the skin. The overlying skin is usually normal, occasionally discoloured due to thinning of the skin. The size of the swelling may range from that of a pea to a small marble but occasionally it can be larger. Cysts are invariably benign. Excision is advised.

Vascular Lesions:
These appear as small bright red spots. They are benign. Larger vascular lesions appear in childhood and young adults, these are often congenital. The latter may require special investigation and treatment. Small vascular lesions are relatively easy to remove.

Fatty Swellings / Lipomas:
There are fatty swellings that appear under the skin. They are benign and relatively common. They are often soft to the touch, the overlying skin is always normal. Sometimes they are multiple. Excision / biopsy is usually advised.

Degenerative Lesions:
Degenerative lesions such as Seborrhoeic keratosis are commonly seen in middle age and in the elderly. These lesions may be pigmented and can appear worryingly similar to certain skin cancers. If there is any concern about these lesions they are best excised.

Skin Tags:
These occur commonly in the armpits and in the neck. They are often multiple. They tend to grow where the skin is moist due to perspiration. They are usually excised for cosmetic reasons.