Thread Lifts

Here at Cosmedics Dr. Lalloo has perfected the art of the closed face non-surgical face and neck lift. He has developed a technique of lifting the facial and neck muscles without needing to make big incisions, even bands at the front of the neck can be removed.  This procedure is used to gently lift sagging facial muscles without the risks and downtime associated with surgery.  This technique offers close to the same results as an open face lift and is a very good option for facial rejuvenation without scars and will last for up to five years, sometimes longer depending on how the patient themselves ages afterwards.

As we age the effects of gravity become more noticeable.  The supporting tissues of the cheeks weaken, facial fat is lost, the jawline creates jowls, the edges of the mouth turn down and the lower face and neck sags.  The following areas are most suitable for this type of procedure

  • Neck, including bands
  • Jaw
  • Lower Face
  • Mid Face

The following candidates are suitable for the closed stitch face and neck lift:

  • Moderate sagging and laxity in the cheeks, jowls and neck
  • Effects of previous face-lift or neck lift are wearing off
  • Aged between 35 and 65 (some older patients are also suitable)
  • Patients with medical conditions who are not suitable for an open face lift
  • Patients with realistic expectations

During surgery a small 1-2mm painless puncture will be made at the hairline or behind the ear.  This area is sometimes sutured with stiches removed 10 days later.  The procedure normally takes approximately two hours.  We would recommend that patients are collected and go home and rest.  Recovery time is 7-10 days and post procedure you may experience bruising and mild swelling.  The area will be sore and you may have puckering of skin around the jaw area and behind the ear.  This normally lasts up to three weeks.  A further review is carried out by Dr. Lalloo two weeks post procedure.

This technique is reliable and repeatable and patients experience minimal discomfort.

Results are immediate and improve over hte next few weeks as things settle down.

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