The Venus Viva™ is the ultimate solution for facial rejuvenation and is the latest Venus Concept product to hit the market.


TREATMENT BENEFITS – face and neck

– Tightens lax skin
– Diminishes visible pores
– Evens out skin tone and texture
– Controls pigmentation lesions
– Diminishes appearance of rosacea
– Reduces fines lines and deep wrinkles
– Decreases visible signs of acne scaring
– Corrects necklace lines for younger looking skin
– Elevates and resurfaces the delicate skin around the eyes
– Long-term collagen stimulation and regeneration for lasting results with minimal maintenance



– The Venus Viva™ is safe, non-invasive and suitable for all skin types
– The Venus Viva™ operates with the revolutionary NanoFractional Radio
Frequency™(RF) and SmartScan™ technology that delivers superior results through selectional dermal heating process minimal discomfort for enhanced patient comfort

– The use of NanoFractional RF™ delivers energy deep in to the dermis generating heat and initiating skin changes, remodeling collagen and causing the tissue to regenerate thus producing a fresher younger looking skin

– Treatments take less than 15 minutes, patients can expect to see smoother, clearer and younger looking skin after one treatment but full results are seen after a series of three treatments are performed

– Shortest downtime is less than 24 hours
– No topical anesthesia required


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